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CCTV plays a major part in modern day security installations, giving you the ability to view and record all activity around your business premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as providing security CCTV can play a significant part in health and safety matters. With the addition of external detection your business can be monitored off site alerting a central monitoring station of any trespassers out of working hours.


We design the system to suit your requirements, if it’s in house viewing or remote access via the internet with a broadband connection, the choice is yours. All systems are systems compatible with smart phone and Android , iPad tablets with the correct app installed . View live or recorded images of your property from anywhere in the world.


CCTV systems consist of two main components, camera’s and recorder’s. These come in a wide range of quality and price, we will make sure you get the best quality professional equipment that your budget allows.  In all of our systems we give you the option of having battery backup so even in the event of a power failure the system will carry on recording.

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