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audio-video2.jpgGives you the convenience of being able to talk to a caller at your door securely from inside your own business before opening the door, very reassuring knowing who at your door before opening it.

For visitors who are allowed into the property you can have a keypad or tag reader built into the outside station this will allow entry by inserting a PIN code or presenting a tag.


By adding additional monitors into other locations around your home when visitor calls all the monitors will ring and the call can be answered at the monitor nearest to you.

With monitors installed in different locations around your home calls can be made internally from monitor to monitor this is a very useful function if you have a number of floors in your office.

By adding a option of a SD card into the into the video monitor, this will record images of the visitor whether you answer the call or not.


Our monitors are stylish and practical you choose the design that best suits you from a desk mount hand set to a 7 inch flat panel touch screen we feel that we can offer a internal monitor for all tastes. Out outside stations are modern in design with options of vandal resistant and flush fitting with various Finnish options. The video outside station are fitted. Built in LED’s for night time vision so even when it’s dark you can see who the caller is.

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