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Fire systems on construction sites and void properties are becoming more of a necessity due to the increase risk of arson vandalism.

TN2 security will design and carry out an install of fire system areas that should be covered as a minimum are on any construction site are the offices, welfare areas, stores and the construction area the system can also include the provision for muster points and roll call. For convenience are able to quick easy solution using our a wireless solution.

Requirements vary depending on the type and use of building, number of floors, new construction or redevelopment and many other variations.

To determine what is required for your premises we would recommend that a full fire risk assessment is carried out to determine the level of fire prevention and detection required.


Here at TN2 security we will carry out a survey of your premises and prepare a design proposal for you free of charge. This will be based on the information provided including standard or comprehensive maintenance options; we will make sure that it is as easy to use as possible. Also the alarm can notify you of any system activity from a mains fail to a full activation.



TN2 security we will design the system to meet your needs but complying with the requirements of your insurance, and current EN and BS stands to the grade of system required. On completion of the installation and commissioning we will issue certificate of compliance.

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